I think Neal had been with the band less than a year.

I saw them 2 years later at the same venue (the Cap Centre was a fantastic place to see shows - incredible acoustics for a hockey rink) and I couldn't believe it was the same band - they cooked.

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THE BAND, which comes across as sort of a heavy metal Jefferson Starship, has added a laser light show to its concert presentation to complement the group's science fiction fiction orientation.

"Agents of Fortune" is the Cult's most accessible album.

Therefore, accordingly I've re-dated this gig to 2nd Jan 1976... I don't remember BOC as being the headliner but I would say they were the most well known of the five groups. I went to the concert mainly to see Leslie West because I was a big Mountain fan, but all of the bands were great.

The only strange thing for me is that the stub appears to be used!! The only band that I didn't know anything about at the time was Rush and I think (? By the way, the Capitol Centre was torn down a few years ago and a shopping mall was put in it's place.

Although roadie Rick Reyer had this cancelled gig down for 1st Jan, I think Ken's ticket evidence seems pretty clear. I've been telling friends about this concert for years.

His Ticketron stub clearly shows a date code of "102" as he says, plus there's also a "12/30" on there which I believe to be the purchase date. The fella I went to the concert with moved to Texas after college and I haven't spoken to him in years but I may try to get in touch with him and see if he remembers more about the show.I have attached another scan of a stub I have that will either help (or deepen) a mystery!Although your site lists a Chicago Aragon date of as the original date for this show, I have a stub that seems to indicate it was actually scheduled for . The stub shows a date code of "102" and a partial date of "02 1976", so I believe that may be the actual originally scheduled date.To get a refund, I imagine you'd have to surrender the original ticket at the box office. Ted Nugent seemed to play every concert that came to the Cap Centre. I do remember the Laser light show from BOC, I dont think many bands used that then, it was pretty new. I went to this one - It was general admission I believe. I went to probably 20 concerts there including the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Three Dog Night, Grand Funk Railroad (In I believe 1973), Queen, Rod Stewart and the Faces, Grateful Dead, U2, Clapton, etc... BOC did indeed headline this all day show (must have been a Saturday or Sunday).But even if you didn't, that still wouldn't account for it being ripped. I remember all members coming out to the front of the stage playing guitars, awesome. However, for whatever reason they chose to have Leslie West close the show.The veteran British singer's voice is stronger here than his material, which was also the case on his Humble Pie records. I am big BOC fan, and saw the band in 75 and 77 at Spokane coliseum, then drove over to see them in Missoula in 78.