Your penguins will just say jokes which will just repeat itself over and over again in just a few seconds!!Rapid Snowballs Throwing Cheat- Hold “T” on your keyboard without letting go!!😮 Sitting easily and quickly- Press the “S” key and you will sit in the direction you are facing!!

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That is also why Straw000 is always seen holding a bell!! : ) All these glitches allow you to walk away from the current games you are playing and is one of the coolest glitches ever!!

: D Big Punctuation Tips- Make sure that you are not typing in the chat bar, then press “Shift” and Exclamation or Question Mark on your keyboard and your penguin will say a big Punctuation! : D Walk Away From Skiing Game Glitch- Firstly, go to the Mountain and play on any of the Skiing Game, such as Bunny Hill which is not full!!

: ) To chat without without saying a word, click your chat bar, press spacebar and press enter to chat!! While waiting for other penguins to join, you can click on other Skiing Game and you will walk away from the game you were playing!!

: ) Then you can dance or wave or do anything you want!!

: D Walk Away From Find Four Game Glitch- Go to the Ski Lodge and play any of the Find Four Game!!

: ) Then press the door or the other Find Four Game and you will be walking away from the game!!

Now press “W” without letting go and you will make a long and annoying whistle sound that will never stop!!

: D Here is how to log on to two Club Penguin Servers at the same time. Then, log in to another penguin different from the first one at

Then press “D” without letting go and you will be frozen in the air!!

😮 Annoying Whistle Cheat- Remove all your clothing and just wear a whistle!!

But the best of all is that if someone joins the game, you can play with them, while not at the Find Four Board!!